crea—tura studio
TU Delft - Dutch Housing Studio - 2018
Innovative approach towards the Prefab housing heritage in the times of ecological crisis, through devised method of Mass De : construction verified on a case study. I do see strong link between these and i have tried to address it in my own project.
Open Source Closed Circle in Parkstad Limburg
The overall re:use approach has roots in the historical and pragmatic approach to life itself. Once we all knew how to re:use what was around us. This however has been over-grown by industrialization in building pro-cess. As re:use of the heritage of the post-war building development is becoming an addressed issue, this project shows way of reclaiming the present and drive it towards future. Reconfiguration in order to accom-modate today's needs, preserving the heritage. Architectural design is now challenged by the scarcity of resources, having a new role in using the resources as found...

Though re:use we create and preserve not only new economical and ecological values, but also cultural. Rationality of the inherited structure is a valuable asset and the design is taking advantage of this "as found aes-thetics". Reuse of the elements is therefore very straightforward. My approach simply asked the elements what they wanted to be. What they allowed and were built for, this especially allies to the load-bearing structure of the building. This simple re:use of basic elements allowed to apply a principle of ex-tendibility in the future in according to meet demands that the future of Kerkrade might hold. It also works with reintroducing the community that once lived in the high-rise. Keeping the structure recognizable so it feels like meeting an old friend who has changed, but the very character stayed. The gallery became a social space within the dwelling, leading to a core and circulation principles, that might be recognized in Japanese dwell-ings. Where the double façade system serves also as a corridor encircling the very private sphere. Elements are repositioned, finding a new coordinates within the imagined three dimensional grid – the site itself.

Prototypes were developed to cater for various social needs.
Project was awarded as the best project in the studio