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Public and private spectacle
Fun Palace
The Cedric Price´s Fun Palace was imagined as a building of complete flexibility, responding to all its users, their wishes and thus being a laboratory of fun. This concept has its impact even now, when the difference between leisure and work seems to be non-existent. The original site is now a part of the East London Olympic ground.

In connection with the London Olympic park development, the topic of private ownership and usage has become more ambiguous. My attempt was to define and prove the boundary between public and private itself. Which is no longer easily distinguished. These spaces merge and overlap on both abstract and physical level, particularly within a dense area of the city or a stadium.

Inspired by perspective-less works of Bernd and Hilla Becher, camera was weapon of choice as it allowed me to take as many pictures as there are variation of these boundaries. Then i created abstract models of these spaces and photographed them. The juxtaposition of these images allowed me to understand the abstract aspects of the topic.

Removing both subject and scale enhanced the output of this process. I stated myself as a regular user of the space, therefore taking approach from far more populous public side. Nevertheless I was constantly observing the boundary.
Private buildings seemed to domain everything within the sight range. I found myself totally controlled by this private realm. It is watching me, thus controlling my behavior. It is a Colosseum of the modern era. And where goes the thumb? Up or down? This vantage point is expressed though privately owned skyscrapers rising over the city. Having everything underneath on sight. You are the player that is being watched.

The monumental bridge between the private and public no longer serves its purpose as it is a redundant way though the boundary. The private entrance was exposed to intruders. Not it is a giant flowerpot.
The overlap of public and private attracts us to be interacted with, to create unique spatial configurations and relations.

A playground is designed to offer fun for players and spectators.

The Olympic Games work on similar basis. London Games were by a major percentage a private investment, allowing public to be visitors in order to watch other members of the public or privately owned players. So the Fun Palace is now a private fun. The theory of leisure has now been transformed into massive entertainment business. But does it truly respond to our wishes? I shall leave this to the reader.

Created June 2012, reviewed August 2016 (Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games)

Images taken at Barbican Estate, London