crea—tura studio
Story of a dwelling design
Taking architectural perspectives
This text and drawings recognize, describe and analyse the process of a transition from public to private space, positioning oneself as an imagined inhabitant of the Haarlemmer Houttuinen project. The analysis focuses in detail on the actual architectural means, that are constituted and created by architectural elements itself, that combine into the different transition zones.
The central theme of the Haarlemmer Houttuinen housing is the street as a living space, as was stated by the author himself.1 It is therefore fundamental that the function and hierarchy of spaces that were created is understood to interpret the building design intentions, verifying it as it has been materialized.
Research question:
What are the architectural elements used to modulate the boundary/threshold between private and public spaces?
Hertzberger achieves the distinction between public and private space through defining legible boundaries within his work.
Noticeably, it is spaces between the privacy of the individual homes and public nature of the surrounding streets that gives us this clear distinction. We think that it is in the creation of such transitional spaces, that the distinction between public and private becomes evident and clear.
1 From: Herman Hertzberger 1959-86. Buildings and Projects. p. 245
Through diagrams and axonometric drawings, we wish to depict and analyse the following:
How the project contrasts/relates to its immediate surrounding context.
The distinction between public, private and transitional spaces
The architectural elements
Results (refer to drawings)
Figure 1. Axonometric drawing busy/quiet contrast gradient in the scale of the site depicting and highlighting the
Figure 2. Isometry of the building detail depicting the phasing of the transition through various spaces
Figure 3. Isometry depicting the different materiality belonging to the spaces identified
Figure 4. Exploded isometry depicting the identified and isolated architectural elements
As analysed through drawings, Hertzberger creates and presents us with a plethora of spaces and transitional zones. He separates the both extremes, public and private domain by a buffer zone, that constitutes semi- public and semi-private zones. On the largest scale, the entire realm of the project is transposed and has different qualities than the surroundings. This is most noticeable in the contrast between the busy nature of the immediate surrounding streets such as the busy, and calming and pleasant atmosphere of the living street in the project itself. Bollards effectively create a threshold, both physical and perceived.
Through the drawings it is further verified the different element separate different spaces from the living street. Each architectural element that extends the façade or space creates its own transitional space and defines its boundary. As every zone has its architectural formulation it is very legible, therefore it is also possible to visually isolate the recognizable elements itself. These isolated elements are shown exploded in fig. 4. for better understanding. Such a legibility effectively results in instantaneously recognizable symbols of each space.
As the hypothesis stated it was found out that the author uses different elements to state the different space.
However, as this analysis primarily focused on the architectural elements a social approach is to yet be explored to fully comprehend the projects intentions as we are now aware that is another mean the author purposefully uses. In aspiration to fully recognize and analyse the quality of spaces it might be of use to convey a further research in the interior of the house, as it suggests a variance in the spatial elements used. This research can be taken step further by applying the used method on another building project by the author or else. n
Mr. H

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